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New website for Sygns with crisp and colourful CGIs, new product family pages, additional entry points and updated visuals.

Role - UX, UI, Branding, Art Direction
Year - 2020 - 21

Client -

We've created four CGI banners for each of the product families to provide our users with more information on the final look of the product and it's potential use case as well as inspire them to explore and experiment.

CGI: Magic Mark, Alex Barnowski 

Art Direction: Masha Oks

Photography: Sophia Edmundson

Post-Production: Sophia Edmundson, Masha Oks

Illustration: Masha Oks


A new request form that allows users submit their requests and get a free quote in just a few steps and a couple of minutes. 

Each step provides a user with preselected options to choose from and a detailed yet easily digestible explanation of the production process.

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